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The "superbikes". An unresolved passion ...

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I always liked the "RR's". The Husky 4 online for me has always been pure music, both at low and high spin there the house of spins the engine begins to cut and start your vrrrrru-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu-tu.. .

I never take care about speed itself, but knowing he was on a machine capable of achieving very high in any mistake. A diavel woman not allowed to make mistakes if inadvertently you twist the handle when faced with a hole, for example, otherwise at least take the front wheel off the ground.For day-to-day, many say they are not ideal. Is not that the wheel "sticks" when it rains, the brakes are catching too and can block the front wheel taking him to the ground even easier, short course bumpers that do not serve our Burrowing indecent roads, the uncomfortable position Who would take a dip in the pool and forgot to throw up.To travel, as many do chorus - unanimous in its rough - not to pay. It's hard and uncomfortable seat short again dampers that you transfer all irregularities of the track, which hurt his fists to hold the weight of the body on them, the inability to walk a minimum off road and that is his complete inability to carry the luggage we needed to swear those 30 days of vacation so we dreamed of in the desired run 10,000 km. Tirinhos or short weekend and holidays.If you have the misfortune to fall or tip over even with a speed ... Xiiiii!! There goes at least cowling, a pair of blinkers and mirrors. If you chose the "wrong side", it's more of a tailpipe and maybe a hole in the lid of the box clutch. As is usually the case in one hand and escape in the opposite, does not have much "right side" not to fall. Lucky enough to know who the right fix plastics, is already halfway there and maybe some "milreis" economy. Tip and mirrors, albeit minimally scratched, throw it away and get new ones. Nobody wants a bike with drop.

And, if you have the money in hand and all of the above goes well, expect a few more weeks without a bike. No. No "slider" that give much account to save the girl, even though the manufacturers and sellers of them swear they are standing by the model x or z unlike anything you've ever seen.

For these and others, embarked in Big Trails, why today I am in love. In the city, if not actually
"bigs" - read up, spin there for its 800 cc - do not do ugly. Added to the fact that you can climb without fear a curb with them when all over tighten. How has tires on off, raining or not is less important. And you can choose any path, any unpaved street that will not make the slightest difference will put them.The big trails has everything you would expect of a bike! Agility, comfort, cargo capacity on fuel economy, make our thank column in long commutes, do not care about the state of our roads indecent, usually has a bubble that protects us from the elements (and if not, gives us one way of putting us serve).
 If you have the misfortune to fall or tip over with a big trail ... Vivaaa! Having a good engine protector is unlikely to have more damage than a scratched that, and the rest of the bike will be saved. Fall and nothing is the same. Worst case is that the flash is gone, and can put in place parallel quaquer no one will even notice anything, will not miss the "harmony" of all unlike what happens with speed. Imagine a flash of a speed cg and then think about it in a big trail. Understand the difference? When you want to sell it if you say you fell with it, it will hardly devalue it.
 All previous working, a couple of hours - or minutes, because it will only lift the bike and you rebuild your ego - is ready to move on, as if nothing had happened.
 Until I saw a bunch with sports in front of me ...

Slowly marching on behalf of the spine electronics, walking with one hand on her waist to rest the previous path, others opening their arms pad to stretch the muscles. Yet another moved her head to touch the shoulder. In the bag a backpack strapped to the pillion seat or carried on their backs.

Just as I did ...

We pass the damn spine and there came that song so well known. Half a dozen engines speeding round in shape, an orchestra to lose sight of the horizon.

- You should go back to the sport. It has more to do with you, with your way of being ... - Told me my wife perhaps sensing my stare staring infinity where they went.

Since that day, rekindled the old flame of passion, that unresolved beyond the time of a child, which I swore I'd long ago freed.

I still have doubts, of course.

Sometimes I think I'm too old for this, too slow to keep up with one of these nymphs nerve, with sound mind too much power to enjoy all that they'll deliver. I see them too expensive, too technical, too everything! Why put so much money on a machine that will be outdated next year? The best would be simply fatten the box for the hard times of old age approaching rampant? What is it, after all, was a silly passion that comes now manifest when no call was? Maybe, finally, this is just the "crisis of the forty" here that just goes away?

At the same time I know my back will not endure forever, that my reflexes tend to worsen over the years and every time I passed'll be more fearful. My wife, very wise, time and again reminds me that our days pass and we getting closer to the end than the beginning ... So one wonders what it will do with the bank account stuffed in old age. Prolong the suffering by giving tract disease, allowing time to ask ourselves what we have done in life that bring us some pleasure? Give time to the question of why we did not perform a dream, why not let us lie on that tank more often, hearing the purr of its engine? Let's just live one day at a time or we will once again be in love?

Wished we arrived at a point that is "now or never". Or fall in love with me, or just let it pass.
Until now, never is the winner.
This passion has taken my deams...

And you? Ever wonder which superesportiva stirs your senses?

See you soon!!

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