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The blindness of fatigue and Iron Butt's Test

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Returning sometime down the track, after a no asleep night ... I needed to get home before sunrise! Slowly went on, nervously chewing a gum not to sleep (they says when chewing you does not sleep ...).
Down the road I began to hallucinate. First I saw a truck on my right side, fighting for space. So far so good, if it were not coasting along. I looked incredulous again, squinting, and I saw absolutely no truck. It simply was not there! After a cow eating grass in the beginning of the track ... No. Nothing about cows!! Following a truck with its rear lights all lit, illuminating the doors to my left, a bit far, though. I forced my eyes again and realized it was nothing more than an outdoor illuminated.
I started to scare me. Continued well, there just sleep on the bike and only God knows what could happen. I stopped, took a coffee and ate a cheese bread in the only place open at that hour I found (some were already 3am), and followed trip. The parade helped little but gave me more gas for 200km missing.
I got home and in bed ... despenquei For some reason, I was reminded of such evidence "Iron Butt".
Butt what?

I to this day do not understand what leads someone to perform such a feat. I see no reason for anyone to aspire to such a title, add a lot of "cerificados" send some money to a foreign association that you never saw fatter fill their coffers in exchange for a printed paper and signed by who knows who. Of course like any "proof" that it is right in the thesis is proven to feel like you were the winner. Managed to overcome it! Won the elements, distances, fatigue, all for the sake of riding over 1600km in less than 24 horas.Ou other distances, in other times.
Okay. So what?
Hence running a tremendous risk of having an accident, ending his life. And all for a paper written certificate that bears a living "iron butt".
Close your eyes for a moment, and walks down the street ... Now imagine doing this at 100, 120 miles per hour. Imagine sleeping for a few seconds, due to extreme tiredness. Also, imagine having your eyes forced to the point that there is not much by enxergues right, your eyes distort what you should be seeing. Among other causes temporary blindness, you may be affected by a pseudo "dry eye syndrome" struck by "light pollution", or be fooled by "floaters", just to name a few problems and dangers associated with fatigue and pilot evening.
With all this, the wake becomes no longer a certainty ...
I understand, but I do not understand. Understand why only about the position of each one. Everything, as I always say, maybe just because I'm getting old and still find reason in extreme speed, the need to reach before, in traveling with the bike loaded up the covers thing I ever did once but that currently causes me dislike.
Today I think the important thing is to go out and get. Have the same number of matches and returns it. I did not get the point of some friends who stop every kilometer to take pictures, urinate, stretch your legs. Every now and then I still do the "follies" of travel 1000, 1100 km per day. Of course, when it occurs, because all the damn time, which always seems to be missing, or the desire to get home sooner.
But always when I arrive, invariably end up thinking, why take so long? Why run either in a single day? My family, my home, do not go away ... So what excuse do I have?
Anyway ...
Always remember that riding a bike has to be a pleasure. Piloting tired can make it the last time you fly. The best, always, is to have the opportunity to drive a bit more, preferably the next day rested.
Then you dig for real flying and scenery!
And it allows greater certainty of finding again the family and everyone who loves to get travel!

Travel yes. Very! But always safely.
See you soon.

"Dry eye syndrome - decreased production or increased tear evaporation, causing the eye deslubrificação necessary for good vision."Light pollution" - excessive light from lamps or headlights of vehicles coming in the opposite direction that reaches our eyes and lowers the pupils causing glare and drastically reducing nighttime visibility.
"Floaters" - when a person sees points probably is not the result of imagination.
Fluctuations in the vitreous, also known as floaters, are perceived as stains, clouds, dots or cobwebs.

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