domingo, 24 de fevereiro de 2013

Ups and downs of life and ... bikes of course!

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For those days that had passed a major setback in my life ... Nothing too "serious", but big enough to change my plans for the present and future. Before you ask the answer is NO! Do not give up on my dreams, no way!!

Then, just as "the thing was black," that fell in torrential rain last wednesday, which flooded half the city.


 I, as always, riding my motorcycle. Obvious! I'm not the "pizza guy" in the picture beside, but it serves well to illustrate the situation in which I found myself. Returning to the point, I have to say that for a "blunder planning", I ended up having to move again for a street that floods when it is not under a foot or two of water. And I say again because I knew that there could be flooded by. There are about a year ago, for the same period of sudden rains and bulky, I passed into the "river" that there always so. But I did not realize it had rained so much and having passed since ...

Just for a change, I was too late, so turn around and choose alternative path was not the solution. So I went again, using my "technical" highly accurate.

Well .. Accurate ... I mean ... Ok! The truth: I was once again over the sidewalk if they want to know where the water reached "only" about 40 inches tall. Turns out I did not realize that this time flooded MUCH more, and instead of a block, as happened last time, endless two blocks were crammed with water. What does this mean? It means that I had to step off the sidewalk and cross the street, and, as my readers may imagine, did not see ANYTHING that was under water. If there was a manhole cover moved, opened, ever seen! At the time I did not even realize it. I only realize later that the risk was greater than I imagined!

 When the bike "sank" the 20 inches more, crossing the street, the water had already covered the engine and was coming to the bank. My XLX, old war has just below the seat leakage. And any good rider knows that when crossing a barrier of water, if not download and greatly speed up the march, there is a great risk of water entering the exhaust outlet and go to the engine, when it is called "hydraulic wedge" and at best the engine break down ... You can send exchange. In the case of my XLX, could put the bike out since an engine would ever find it practical conditions. If found, it would be cheaper to buy another bike!
 So I did. I downloaded the march further and sent rolling see the cable. Great! It turns out that if you accelerate and does not regulate the acceleration in the clutch lever, which has seen vai stop! Prá complicate the situation, was nearing the end of waterlogging and "crosses" a truck in front of me, sending that "ripple" Hells, causing water to rise further.
 I saw the water go over the bank. And it gives you gas, and debriar escambau, to keep me standing (or is it floating?) And still not hit the damn truck.
 The clutch discs that were already asking us almost 70.000km exchange my old lady, imagine if something was left. Nothing. I went through unscathed. The warrior smooth. Could accelerate the march kick, adjust the clutch cable than nothing. She just would not walk more before repair. The left sleeping in the parking lot of a gas station, guarded (after paying extortionate 30 dollars overnight) will put the next day the bailout go take it to the "doctor". I took the train and went to go home, think about everything.
 I realized that in life we ​​have to cross "flooding". That can always be a manhole cover open or even a "bastard" for meddling in its path. I learned that this "subject" can be "bigger" than you, when you do not have many other alternative but to "juggle to keep standing."

Moreover, I learned that you can not always turn around. However, one can always try. We can even "take a step back." Sometimes what you think you will "slow life", is precisely what makes it go faster and before you reach your destination. It takes humility and accept mistakes, learning from them. Simply not to err again. For, after all, you never know when you will have to go through another "flooding" maybe even higher, deeper. Amid the "downpour" when the decision has been made, it is best to move on and get to the other side as whole as possible. Not that, for this you have to sacrifice something. If so, choose the smaller "value", preserving always and with all his strength that really matters! Whatever happens, always keep in mind what matters more ... The "whole bike" or only a few "clutch discs?

And then people say that I have the bad habit of always comparing life with bikes ... And is not equal?

Until our next post, think about it: what really matters to you?

See you soon!!Image credits:
1 and 2 - google images
3 - Adv photo and KYT

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