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Carnival and other holidays ... Motorcycles, of course! What has this to do?

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  What carnival and other festive dates have to do with bike? Very!

Motorcycles and carnival or other holidays is indicative only one sign: red. Yes Red light!

Connect all your senses. If you can avoid leaving bike in the most critical times (dawn and dusk), prefer.

For some reason that I personally know of many people exaggerate the dose of alcohol and binge on festive periods, with the carnival one of the worst moments. And the problem usually is not you, but others. Especially because I will not be talking to bikers who take one or the other and leave crazyest bike. Because that, from my point of view is one thing: suicide.

It turns out that statistics show that 50% (Fifty percent yes!!) Of victims of fatal traffic accidents were intoxicated!! By God! This number is very high!! For although we have to consider those killed by drunk and reckless killers.

I always say that when we're on a motorcycle, often we have to worry about how others address that as we piloted. Because, if we "bullshit", it is our sole responsibility. As for the other drivers ...

How to guard anyway?

The tip is one. Pay attention to the tires!! Yes! Tires!! If they are "dancing" in front if the driver is unable to maintain a straight line very, suspicious and walk away! Stop at a gas station, when it exceeds with free trail and stay far ahead of him, do whatever is necessary to "lose sight of him." With this you can now prevent 50% of accidents on the road. The other 50% you avoid looking at the cars you see up front, especially in cases of unique tracks (one track coming, another returning). If the guy is at all costs trying to overtake where clearly does not, without signal flashes, probably because it is not very good or knowing what you're doing. In such cases, it is not uncommon for the driver or you do not see or pretend not to see him.

First, forget the anger! No use of any of you get angry guy! Now you have to take care of your life and the rest does not matter. If the guy is determined to overcome, he will do it if I have to go over you. So ...

Second, reduce your speed. Always! NEVER, in some cases, accelerate. With that gives you more time and more space for the driver to complete the overtaking. Not that you have to pull a bit the bike onto the shoulder ... And then the third tip:
Third: in the latter case, refer to the roadside and, at worst, to kill. Hence why decelerate always important. It is preferable to get you on the shoulder at lower speed or shoot to kill when the bike almost stopped than running fast. Remember that the shoulder is usually "dirty" because all debris will stop there when thrown by cars. Outside the concessionaire of the highway will usually be more concerned with the route itself, leaving the shoulder secondary plan. So often the worst holes you can find on the shoulder. Thus, at low speed in a critical situation is in 99.9% of cases recommended.
Okay ... I understand you!
I know after being hit is almost reflexively show the middle finger to the driver denatured son of a mother, when not wanting swearing at him more closely ... But think! This solves anything? Absolutely nothing! If the mad resolve come after you, he will do so. And there is a bike against a car. Who do you think will be the bigger loss?
Anyway ... If you see a driver doing "caca" and approaching, the smart move is always one: stay away!
Only then you will have another carnival to jump, to celebrate another new year, another Christmas.
As for drunk ... Good! Let him enough alone. Continuing like this, unfortunately it is very likely that there is more here tomorrow ...
You, stay alive!
See you soon!

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