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KTM - what this bike has that the other doesn't?

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Ask the title question, what KTM has that other bikes do not have, can be a cruel question or almost an offense to the fans. Indeed, this is the key point: who had a KTM usually is so passionate that doesn't  matter the existence of other brands. To KTM fanclub has no enemys to compare, so a KTM can not be compared to any other bike.

However the KTM is not a bike suitable for any rider. It's necessary, first of all, "love the earth" because just  in this field the KTM can do the best. If you want to ride only on the asphalt, then you should't maintain a bike like this.
In this post we will comments about KTM's, especially for the "big trail's" assiduous readers as they know, the style preference of this bike rider who create this blog.

Talking about KTM, imediatelly we can see a big mistake. Or you choose ride big bikes or virtually no option left. Take, for example, a SM (super motard), are not the best solution for cruisers. Fact: KTM no longer invests in medium bikes for cruisers. Previously was the 640 ST Adventure, bike still deeply respectful - although out of line - by KTM fans. With this mistake, KTM losed space to other brands in a territory that they easily can lead. Between 600 and 900 cc, there is nothing, just a big gap. Under this cc's, no other brand is able to travel long distances without tired a lot the rider. Of course you can opt for a 690 Enduro R, but will suffer with a tiny seat and miserable less than 4 galloons, just for 150 or 180 milles if you ride smooth like a princess...

However, even 690 Enduro R, is very impressive! We're talking about a motorcycle with 690 cc which delivers almost 70 HP's (they talk about 66), which for a bike of only 138.5 kilograms is a lot. In fact, it's an absurd, just as the 250mm course of their suspensions. The brake discs and twin-piston front and single back, are enough to stop the bike, missing only one ABS to perfection. Sure fans will jump in defense asking that it's an heresy talk about ABS on a off-road bike, when skidding and lock the wheels are mandatory for a decent riding. On city, they doesn't feels as comfortable as in their natural habitat where they made misery. Go to the sidewalk and "trample unsuspecting old ladies" - as my friend says - are like a child's playing for the big 21 inches wheel. Obviously with some modifications and if you don't mind whit single cylinder  vibration continuously punching (particularly for long trips I can't imagine nothing less than 2 cylinders, because I made trips with single cylinder and was terrible), can be a great option for the road, because whit this bike you will go certainly safely - and will come back, most important - to anywhere on the planet. 

Who enjoy comfort, has the privilege (questionable) of larger bikes and reasonable range, finding in 1190 Adventure an excellent travel companion, if doesn't care for the fact that "standards " doesn't ABS, remembering on a KTM what is superfluous for some else, is luxury for others. In other side the Adventure model doesn't frightening shorter riders because the height of your seat is just 860mm (other bands had sometimes more than 910mm). With 212 kilograms dry weight - which is very light for a bike of this size - and delivering almost 150HP's are a real kick in the stomach. The 190mm dampers courses and the tank whit more than 6 galloons it's capable for more than 250 milles without stopping. R version gains crash bars  and Combined ABS, that can be turned off for better performance on dirt roads. The travel suspensions increased to 210mm front and 220mm back, showing that it's better able to off-road. Everyting wonderfull, but not in Brazil, just always. New model arrived in the europeans "dealers", but in Brazil if we had this motorcycle in the year ends, we can pray a lot expressing real gratitude for god and says aleluia one thousand times. Of course, brazilians can made a "direct import" through the numerous importers firms in Brazil, what's always an alternative, maybe not so good, maybe good, especially for those that love exclusivity. 
However, if off-road is what do you wants, if you are a master rider and knows what a large 21 inch wheel can do in off-road, the 990 Adventure and Adventure R can be your bike. The standart difference for R basically is the ABS that doen't exist in standard's, and they also lose the welcomed engine crash bars. The cockpit in both is well arranged and complete with good aerodynamic protection by his windscreed. The tank is not as large as 1190, with 5.5 galloons, but whit the consumption of it a little lower for their smaller displacement, autonomy in 990 is closed with his sisters. The engine is less agressive, with "only" 115HP's, which is more than enough if we consider it's 207kg (10kg more in 1190). 

Remember, however, that a larger front wheel results in less stability on the highway, and for that KTM says that 1190 model with a 18 inches wheel doesn't changes her ability to off road with the advantage that makes the trip comfortable on highways. Very questionable point in which I refuse to believe, because I think to a tiny wheel is impossible had the same ability to jump obstacles that a larger one. And it was just at this point that there was a lot of discussion when KTM introduced it in new model. This was not what his fans are waiting for, and no doubt that in the future they will return to the 21 inches wheell or provide a conversion kit. Of course it doen't necessary be a genius to conclude that this change was just to lowered seat height without modify all the bike. We can not say that is a mistake for KTM, because if we look, we will find larger number of medium height riders than taller ones. Especially in the americas.Anyway, KTM bike is for anyone shows defects. Bike to love or to hate, never remain indifferent. Undoubtedly a bike for master riders.

And you? Will go to KTM or will stay with the "enemy"?

See you soon!

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