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BMW F800GS ADVENTURE?? How they didn't think about this before?

doesn't want a bike capable of economic crossings in relative comfort? Who doesn't want, after all, a bike not massive, and develop reasonable speeds on paved roads, but at the same time good on off road? If the bike run well in traffic-clogged city, then we'll found heaven! 

Increasing the fuel tank of a motorcycle to give greater autonomy, this is nothing new in the motorcycle world. Providing a largest windshield, make adjustments in the seat to make you more comfortable, also not surprising to anyone. Motor protectors and casing for added security, are things of day-to-day motorciclist traveler any good, being the first pieces to get the new bike after or even before you buy it. 

If you thought the BMW G650X Challenge Walter Colebatch or something similar, came pretty close to what we mean. They providing a largest tank adding more to the original capacity 12 liters of the bike and bend the autonomy of the same, going to more than 600km, easly. A semiframe like a motorcycle rally and have almost perfect. "Boring" motorcyclists, who are horrified whit any change in the originality of a BMW bike, could condemn such changes. 

Then I think: what BMW are expecting to do with the F800GS to turn it in a "Adventure", anyway?

Nothing... DOING what many must have already done before! 

Fact: 90% riders who use their bikes for longer trips provide the bike whit: hard cases, sump guard, engine, higher windshield and generally looking for a way to adapt the tank to larger volumes or arrange a place to upload some more liters of fuel. Whether or not to use such reserve is another story, but have left the precious liquid is almost a law to a traveler motorcyclist. A more comfortable seat is also on the list of priorities. 

So as no manufacturer thought of this before? 

Who says no? Most manufacturers had already identified this "gap", but in general, they care only about sale more, not whit a particular type of consumer. The problem is that this type of consumer, who previously was restricted to a little group, now is almost the rule. And then we had a 'gap' huge. It seemed that the industry before restricted the motocyclist traveler in a "poor" (goes with any crap from the same old bike!) Or "rich" (only with top of the line and paying a fortune...). In resum, or you had the money and regarded 1200cc, or having less, had to fall into the 600's or 800s'cc ... The 600 usually mono, vibrating too much, making longer trips exhausting. The 800, with little capacity, hard bench, ridiculously small bubble and a tank of the same size of 600, almost invariably. 

Score to the BMW. The consumer wants, they'll had it! It's currently rule that BMW Motorraden not usually keep sleeping. They took the touring windshield (which had as original accessory item), put the sump guard Enduro (who also bought at dealers as an accessory after sales), media bags (idem), metal cases (idem!!) engine protector (I didn't saw, but I can make a made a bet that it's Hepco & Becker, where they mark BMW logo, like the plastic bags Vario, which are the Vario, but is engraved BMW...), probably the Confort seat (it's the same case in the windshield) and different "different" it was just stick a plastic tank plus additional 8 liters and a plastic tucked the beast to appear that the bike is bigger, more rounded. 


And nothing more. Neither has much to talk about the bike in this post, only that it's more beautiful yet. Anything would be raining in the wet. Just see the tecnical file of the F800GS. Engine is the same, ASC, ESC, ABS, all the same without any more,  some more off-road tires, as they do with the Adventure and let's sell the bike about 10, 20% more expensive than "normal". With the tank, sump guard, more comfortable seat, higher windshield, support cases and plastics they gained up 50 pounds, increased seat height in 10mm (1 centimeter = more foam). Nothing that does not add up all guards were placed. Anyway, no magic, no work of advanced engineering. To not make silly and not lose money, only 1,000 units at launch. BMW, BMW ... You don't need wait BMW! You can doing more of these. 

Because did you know what? This will sell! And will sell well! Just like hotcakes on Sunday morning! So far I've only seen it a defect: it's not me. For now ... 

I assure you - like me - it's already a mouthful of water, drooling over the bike. As my friend said: "It's bike to drool ... colorful." 

See how it is not difficult, Mr. Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, etc..

For these and others that I like so much the BMW. 

I may not currently be able to have all the BMW bikes like that. I can even find the BMW bikes expensive. But when I try to look for the competition, I can't see anyting. Where are the others? What are doing?? 

Again, congratulations BMW! 

Congratulations for seeing what is in front of the eyes of the blind in these lands ... 

And you? What more needs to see? 

See you soon!

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